We ferment in celebration of the fruit production in our climate.

By capturing the season in the bottle we can share our celebration with you.

Our rosé is made from Marechal Foch grapes from our vineyard and one other vineyard. It is made in the rosé style of pressing off the juice from the grapes immediately. We then ferment, cold settle the sediment from the wine, and age the rosé in neutral barrels for a year before bottling. Our rosé is still, dry, and aromatic. Check out our 'about' page for more info on Marechal Foch and why we love it so much.

Our 2020 vintage is a darker color rosé and our 2021 vintage is lighter in color

both ALC 13.1%


Our cider is made mostly from Gold Rush apples from our orchard and bitter sweet apple varieties from another orchard. We harvest late in the fall and then crush and press the juice. We then ferment, cold settle the sediment, and age the cider in neutral barrels for a year before bottling. We bottle condition the cider to add bubbles and protect the cider from oxygenation.

Our 2020 Sungold Cider is more carbonated than our 2021 Tall Tree Cider, which is less carbonated.

Both ciders were made in the same style

both ALC 8.4%

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